About us

Jetsemani is the leading provider in Colombia of digital solutions for the tourism and hospitality industry. Our services range from the design and development of websites, through the construction of SEM strategies, SEO and Social Marketing, to the implementation of a personalized CRM, development of mobile applications and content for hotels, travel agents and service providers.

Hotels, Restaurants and Venues

We can help you book more rooms, reserve more meals, and sell more tickets. We provide full website builds integrated with google analytics to ensure that you can measure the effectiveness of all your SEO, SEM, and Social Marketing. We also offer creative design for your ad campaigns and we’ll ensure that your ad are targeted to the right audience to fit your brand.

Press and Editors

Jetsemani’s content management platform is built for travel. We can turn the travel section of your publication into an e-commerce enabled portal which leverages your relationships with local vendors to generate revenue from commissions and advertising.

Travel Agents

Jetsemani will work with you to digitally merchandise and distribute your products bringing you more customers directly to your web site and allowing you to focus on what you do best: delivering great travel product.

Brand Advertisers

If you want to get your message out in front of travelers, we can help you. Whether you’re trying to sign up frequent fliers or trying to sell beer, we’ll present you with unique and creative solutions to communicate with your customer at just the right time.

Our Team

Tom Herman


Walter Morales

Back-End Developer

Cristobal Romero

Back-End Developer

Jose Perez

Content Manager

Tom Herman

Co-founder of Jetsemani with more than 20 years of experience of start-up. Tom was the CEO and co-founder of DashBid, which grew to $ 32 million in revenue in 2015. Tom also has experience in hospitality and real estate in Cartagena.

Boris Mulett

Boris is a Colombian adviser and investor in Getsemani as well as owning and operating several hospitality properties in Colombia.

Eduardo Suarez

Eduardo is the owner of MASS Digital in Bogotá Colombia. MASS is a digital advertising agency that builds technology and advertising sales campaigns for the main hospitality brands in Colombia and throughout Latin America.

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