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We built many websites and custom applications. Let us know your needs and we will come to you with a proposal for free.

Destination Marketing Portal

The Jetsemani destination portal software allows to launch a complete portal for Cartagena with all its products listed and general information and maps about the city. By listing on our platform, you have direct access to potential customers, since it allows you to book hotels, activities and experiences online, without the need for you to be involved in person. It is completely customizable and all content is created and curated by Jetsemani and the editorial teams of El Universal and Donde.

Products & Services

We help hospitality suppliers access customers

Widgets for WiFi

Jetsemani specializes in the construction of landing pages Wifi. If you offer free Wi-Fi in your hotel or restaurant, we can create a landing page for you that includes activities, local events and restaurants. Choose the places you want to include, or simply indicate the sites located at a certain distance from your establishment and we will take care of the rest. We can even include booking buttons, so you can make commission income from your wifi destination pages, and at the same time, also gives your guests or visitors a better experience.

Data Source of the City

Jetsemani can provide you with an event or data widget for your website or application. We work with El Universal to ensure that all events in the city are included in it, so that your company can select the categories of events you want to include in your feed (Conferences, Festivals, Events and Exhibitions, Parades, Live Music , Parties, among others), is completely customizable and adaptable to your interests. Our event widget is extremely easy to add to your website, and it's free!

Design and Implementation of CRM for the hospitality industry

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