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Hotel Concierge Platform

If you work as a hotel concierge, you understand how much work is invloved in keeping track of all your commissions.  This free platform allows you to easily book your guests for restaurant reservations, Pasadias, boat rentals, and other types of tours and activities, but more importantly it will keep track of all the invoices you need to send to your suppliers and it will even send them for you.

Features include:

  • Custom concierge catalog of your favorite recommendations with your brand or your hotel's brand

  • Create new bookings for your guests directly in the app

  • Log all commissions due to you

  • Issue weekly, or monthly invoices to your suppliers

  • Track when invoices are paid and automatically re-send invoices which are not paid

  • Send receipts or travel information to your guests under your brand


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Boat Rental Portal

If you're a boat rental Agency, our boat rental platform will help you look great and book more direct clients.  Features include:

  • Free Booking Calendar

  • Online booking widgets

  • Integration into 3rd party OTAs

  • Checkout Cart for Food, Beverage, and other extras

  • Online payment

  • SEO, SEM friendly

  • Mobile ready

Only COP 40.000 per month (1m COP one time set up fee)

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Event Marketing Portal

The Jetsemani destination and event portal software allows you to quickly launch a complete web site for your event (like Cartagena Restaurant Week) with your event schedule, ticket sales, general information and maps about the city.  By using the Jetsemani platform you can also sell custom travel packages to each attendee including hotels, rental properties, and trip add-ons.  Our platform makes it easy to create custom itineraries for every attendee without the need for you to be a travel agency while still getting commissions.  It is completely customizable and content can be created and curated by Jetsemani and the editorial teams of El Universal and Donde or you can provide your own content.

Widgets for WiFi

Jetsemani specializes in the construction of landing pages Wifi. If you offer free Wi-Fi in your hotel or restaurant, we can create a landing page for you that includes activities, local events and restaurants. Choose the places you want to include, or simply indicate the sites located at a certain distance from your establishment and we will take care of the rest. We can even include booking buttons, so you can make commission income from your wifi destination pages, and at the same time, also gives your guests or visitors a better experience.

Data Source of the City

Jetsemani can provide you with an event or data widget for your website or application. We work with El Universal to ensure that all events in the city are included in it, so that your company can select the categories of events you want to include in your feed (Conferences, Festivals, Events and Exhibitions, Parades, Live Music , Parties, among others), is completely customizable and adaptable to your interests. Our event widget is extremely easy to add to your website, and it's free!

Design and Implementation of CRM for the hospitality industry

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