Guests Prefer to Book Direct

Like every hotel or private home rental in Colombia, you want more direct bookings. The margins are better, you can customize and upsell or cross-sell the guest more effectively if it’s a direct sale. And in any case, guests really do prefer to book direct… IF your direct price is…

… the same as the OTAs? 65% guests prefer to book direct. …1% more expensive? 63% still prefer direct. …10% more expensive? Yes, even now, over half of guests prefer to book direct. …so why don’t they act on it? 63% of Expedia bookers visit your hotel or private home website before making their booking. 51% of Airbnb bookers visit your property’s website, TripAdvisor or Facebook page before booking Guests come to your site, but then they book on Airbnb. Why? The number one concern when booking a holiday is price. We all want to believe we’ve got the best price (with the least effort). 76% guests believe they’ll find that at the OTA – thanks to breath-taking marketing budgets. What happens when a guest books via most OTAs? In addition to losing the commission and cross-sell, you also miss out on a direct relationship that allows you to personalize and improve your services. Hey, they’re sleeping with you, so you should get to know them before the come over for the night, right? Here’s how to drive direct sales. Since they likely visit your site before booking, you need to grab them before they book elsewhere. That’s your moment to assure them that direct booking is best. Here’s how it’s done: 1) A killer website that measures user behavior so you can optimize it for conversion. 2) A best price guarantee that’s just that: the best price 3) Reassurance every step of the way OK, and here’s MY sales pitch… ? At Jetsemani we think building killer web sites for conversions is fun. We’re sort of data junkies and so if you asked us about Cartagena Restaurant Week, we could tell you exactly how many reservations were made for each of the 69 restaurants which participated and which keywords on google were the most valuable for generating revenue because we find those kinds of questions and that type of data analysis fascinating. So drop us a line at and see how we can help you evaluate your digital sales funnel and improve your revenue. Happy Travels, Thanks, Tom Herman

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